AVT was founded in 1982 to provide independent high tech hardware engineering and repair services.over the years we have grown to become one of the leaders in the field .we offer a wide variety of products services . engineering ,repair ,end of life product support., and customized industry programs . our repair services are categorized by product type . MEDICAL ,VIDEO, IT, INDUSTRIAL,AUTOMOTIVE,NAVIGATION AND CONSUMER products. Our extensive product expertise includes displays lcd and plasma,laptop,pda ,imaging systems, projectors lcd and dlp, gps systems ,video games systems, and industrial equipment. with hardware and software repair ,modification,and engineering capabilities for current and end of life products.AVT has built over the years a very large world wide network of parts suppliers allowing us to provide original current production and hard to find obsolete and proprietary OEM parts combined with our expert procurement team give us equal to and better the the original manufacturer. Our repair programs are based on a quick high quality service and prompt return shipment. our customers retailers, it, healthcare, government, industrial and consumers from the united states and abroad rate our service very highly .many major corporations out source their repairs to us we are able to work seamlessly with their operations.