Avistar is a technology company defined by our customers and their need to see the people they interact with. Organizations ranging from smaller companies to the largest global enterprises use desktop videoconferencing to improve collaboration among their employees, and to connect more effectively with customers and suppliers.When we started in 1994, a relative handful of companies delivered desktop videoconferencing solutions. The promise of visual communications was obvious, but at the time these companies delivered solutions that were expensive, inconvenient, and unreliable. Avistar has invested over a million man-hours to deliver what your organization needs: a desktop videoconferencing experience that is reliable, easy to use, economical, and looks great. Under the hood, we took what we believe was a smarter approach: software-only technology combined with the most efficient bandwidth management techniques that we refined over years of experience solving the challenges of delivering high quality video to and from large numbers of desktops across an organization and over business critical networks. And our results are visible – a superior desktop videoconferencing experience that gets used more fully than any other videoconferencing offerings.