Avant-Medical is a young company, founded in 2009, in the medical field and active in marketing, sales and development of innovative medical products.
Actually there are three major fields of interest:
The first is the marketing and sales of so called “Point of Care” (POC) in vitro diagnostics from different brands. Avant Medical markets POC analysers and reagents from different manufacturers in several medical areas.
The second is the marketing and sales of state of art introducer sets for the placement of mainly pacemaker leads.
Third concerns own development of new products:
  • LYSA: A medical device which is an innovative lead fixation system, where a peek clamp replaces the sutures for anchoring of the pacemaker or defibrillator lead. At this moment the system is ready for clinical trials, which will be performed in a multicenter study.
  • PACT: A POC platelet function test for diagnosis of thrombocytopenia, diagnosis of bleeding tendencies and monitoring of platelet inhibiting drugs efficacy.