AutoGenomics, Inc., a privately held company based in Vista, CA has developed one of the first automated microarray based multiplexing molecular diagnostic platforms that can be used to assess disease signatures with novel genetic biomarkers in the areas of women's health, cancer and personalized medicine.

With discovery of genes and their link to various disease states the platform has the versatility to revolutionize the way patients are diagnosed, monitored and managed, leading to a new era of personalized medicine.Since the Company's inception in 1999, scientists and engineers at AutoGenomics have endeavored to create automated technologies that simplify the complex test processes inherent in genetic analysis within a format that is user friendly and increases productivity in the clinical laboratory.

The INFINITI system is designed specifically for processing AutoGenomics' unique proprietary BioFilmChip microarrays that can be multiplexed and configured with hundreds of biomarkers to assess disease signatures from a single sample specimen. The INFINITI system provides clinical laboratories with significant improvements in laboratory productivity, workflow and cost per reportable results.