Austin & Assoc/Telos Medical

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Austin & Associates, Inc. has been representing and providing quality orthopaedic and podiatry Products since 1982 to hospital, surgeons and Health care facilities. We are the North/South American office for the Companies, Telos GmbH and B.R.I.Telos GmbH (Marburg, Germany) since 1977, Manufacturers and Provides specialty orthopaedic products worldwide with offices located in Germany, USA (Austin), Japan and Korea. Telos GmbH products are listed on the left under TELOS PRODUCTS.B.R.I. (Bio Research Innovations) manufactures the Memodyn Compression Staple, a nitinol shape memory compression implant for surgery. B.R.I. has been manufacturing the Memodyn since 1990 with over 200,000 implanted worldwide. Austin & Associates is the exclusive USA office for distribution of the Memodyn in the USA and Mexico.