AUMET Co. AUMET Co. was established in 2007in Kuwait. The company superiors with its’ excellent contacts platform in the Middle East and North Africa. AUMET Co. have belt it’s distribution channel in the region throughout the company’s participation in the medical exhibitions held in the region such as Dubai, KSA, Jordan, Algeria and Egypt. AUMET Co. have moved throughout time in the region starting with Kuwait 2007, then Dubai in 2010. Moving to KSA in 2011 then finally to Jordan in 2014. Vision Connect international medical manufactures with regional distributers and increase manufacturer sales. Mission Create delicate, easy and innovative paths for manufactures in the MENA region. Innovation We have created a very smart, innovative and friendly user website that allows direct connection between medical manufacturer and distributor. Simplicity Our business solutions have always been easy, simple and effective! AUMET Co. have always aimed for the best. Our number one and only goal is to develop and improve our connections in the MENA region through our cultural and geological proximity, creating a strong distribution channel for which we present to the international medical manufacturers. We ensure providing the right distributor in any country of the MENA region for the medical manufacturer. We also ensure and guarantee increasing the manufacturer’s sales through our experience and services. AUMET Co. have successfully opened paths for manufactures in the Middle East and North Africa.