Modernity has History The Baukelmann family built a history of perseverance and dedication to the work they began in 1954 with the foundation of the first HB Company. Due to the dedication, quality, and safety, the products were greatly accepted, generating high reliability among the medical doctors over the past 53 years. The development is constant, by means of the quest for the modernization of corporate management and the adequacy of products to the new technologies required by the market today. In 1985, the country lacked a good CO2 absorber, and the HB group, with an eye on this market, and with advanced expertise in circular systems with CO2 absorption, established the company Atrasorb Indústria de Produtos Hospitalares Ltda, the first and only national manufacturer of CO2, which shortly went on to become the market leader in South America and a world reference in the manufacturing of Soda Lime and Absorbent Lime. Atrasorb, a company created to serve the topmost standards of quality, safety and performance. A genuinely Brazilian company with the technology and modernity of our century. The company operates in three segments: Human and animal medicine, industry and underwater.