About Us Atila is an innovative biotech company developing novel chemistry to meet modern life science research, diagnostics and pharmaceutical development needs. Atila is headquartered in the heart of the world high technology center-Silicon Valley, California.Our focus is on the development of novel chemistry for high throughput easy of use genomics and proteomics tools for life science research. ?Technology innovation and development are the driving forces for growing Atila business. ?For instance, we have developed a technology to drastically simplify the traditional cloning methods such as RACE. ?We have also developed a technology to meet ultra high throughput ?miRNA and SNP analysis. In addition, Atila has developed some unique fluorescent materials covering a broad range of colours and intensities to provide traceable standards to be used to calibrate a variety of instruments that measure fluorescence e.g microscopes, imagers, plate readers, and PCR thermocycler, etc. ?These calibration standards will enable equipment manufacturers and end users to assess machine performance e.g: alignment, excitation, emission, background. ?Furthermore they provide reference standards for comparing, standardising and analyzing experimental data. We are currently offering enzymes and PCR kits for our customers and committed to improving and expanding our product lines and technologies to meet the growing demands of biomedical research. ?To better serve you, we would appreciate your comments, suggestions, and ideas. We are actively looking for collaborators and partner to grow business together.