Since 1980 Athena has developed many products for military, industrial, government and medical use. Now, 34 years later, Athena is one of the leading names in Medical products. Athena products are the de facto standard in hundreds of Hospitals in Northern Europe and widely used on Intensive Care, Operation Rooms and nursing departments. Dutch, German and British offices provide development, sales and support.

They work closely together with the Athena production facilities in Taiwan and China. Athena’s strategic locations around Amsterdam Airport and Rotterdam Harbour, the gates to Europe, ensure quick and efficient supply of materials. Green IT, Safety and Efficiency are key factors in Athena’s product development.

Innovation, creativity, customer service and flexibility are the main reasons for Athena’s succes. Dutch quality standards guarantee the best possible products and service. Athena products are fully tested to comply with international TÜV and ISO standards for medical equipment. Experience in product development, care and customer support since 1980, ensure our customers of the best possible quality.