The Atacama Desert in western South America with its known for exceptional clarity night sky is not only scientific center with many observatories, but served founder Dr. Jürgen Deitmers as inspiration for naming the Atacama | Software GmbH.

It is our goal to offer products and services that bring these same clarity, sharpness and vision in the data and business processes of our customers.

The Atacama | Software GmbH can look back on a more than 15-year success story: Since its founding in 1998, we are developing under the motto "For transparency in health care" industry-specific standard software for healthcare.

Our multidisciplinary composite team consisting of IT specialists, experts / -expertinnen from health insurance companies, healthcare scientists / -wissenschaftlerinnen and dental hygienists / -helferinnen, allows us to best serve the needs and desires of our customers.

Customers of Atacama | Software GmbH include health insurance, hospitals and nursing homes who want to achieve with the use of IT solutions optimize processes and increase efficiency and transparency.