Designed for distributed networking, Daxus allows high-speed data acquisition and logging to take place in one environment, such as on the factory floor, while the data can be simultaneously read and analyzed in a separate location. The technology is capable of stand-alone, stacked or networked data acquisition. Data can be accessed wirelessly and viewed in real-time on a PC or through the Daxus mobile app for smartphone/tablet, available exclusively from Astro-Med. With its new distributed networking capability, Astro-Med now can offer a data acquisition system for new applications, including those in the automotive, process monitoring and product testing markets.

"Astro-Med has set a new level of flexibility and performance for data acquisition recording and analysis with Daxus," said Jon Lee, National Sales Manager. "Our innovative Daxus system offers high-speed acquisition, wireless connectivity and smartphone/tablet accessibility - all in a package that is not only portable but powerful as well. With up to 32 channels, a 200k/second sample rate and a 500GB hard drive, test engineers from the manufacturing plant to the laboratory will value Daxus for its outstanding capabilities."