Nowadays many people have taken up curing respiratory diseases using various kinds of healing methods. The population concerned is huge, that’s why it is natural that both the traditional and the alternative medicine pay great attention to these areas. Lucky are the people who don’t know what it really means to ”live with” such an illness, to worry each and every day whether to call for a doctor or an ambulance. The sick child cannot do sports, cannot play or race around self-forgettingly.

AREC-Therapy is a patent of medical scientists, who model the microclimate of salt mines in artificial circumstances – in the inhalation room – based on the thousand-year-old positive experiences of salt mines, but with six-time intensity. (To complete a successful course of treatment in a salt mine you need 20 times 6 hours, whereas with our method it is enough to take 20 times 1 hour.)

Natural rock salt floats in the air in a special state: the size of the particles is between 0.5-5 micron and party ionised. This means that it is not molecular sodium-chloride, but separate sodium and chloride ions. The size of the particles is important because the salt has to reach the bronchi whose “entrance” is only 5 micron wide.