AssisTech Sp. z o.o. AssisTech Sp. z o.o. is a company focused on the development and commercialisation of innovative solutions in the field of IT, multimedia and biomedical engineering. The company’s mission is to create technologically advanced solutions that support people in everyday life and are based on the experience and knowledge of experts from various areas of science, in particular, neurological rehabilitation, special needs education (oligophrenopedagogy) and IT. A characteristic feature of AssisTech Sp. z o.o. activities is interdisciplinarity, which consists in the integration of IT and numerous specialists’ competences, resulting in professional, functional and extremely helpful products developed with a passion for perfection. Its flagship product is the C-Eye system for the objective evaluation of patients with a neurological and developmental disorder. AssisTech Sp. z o.o. develops its products based on the results of research studies. Downloads: AssisTech - company profile_ENG.pdf