ASI Medical was founded with the purpose of developing mobile dental delivery systems that allow dentists the ability to easily set up a dental office without the cost of specialized dental plumbing and construction delays.

ASI began operations in 1994 with the initial product line of self-contained mobile dental equipment or portable dental equipment and carts with a built in air compressor, suction and a closed water supply for complete operation from just a standard electrical outlet. ASI is now recognized as the highest quality manufacturer of mobile and portable dental equipment with optimal performance, longevity and sound level.

Integrated Dental CartsASI Medical also developed fully integrated dental delivery systems that allowed dentists to select their preferred brand and model of dental instruments built into the dental cart along with traditional air driven handpieces with operation from only one foot control.

ASI has become respected as an innovative developer of unique dental delivery systems and portable dental units that include dental specialty equipment such as assistant carts, mobile dental carts, endodontic delivery systems, hygiene dental systems, implant carts, mobile dental equipment, orthodontic equipment, orthodontic delivery systems, dental hygiene units, periodontic equipment and systems, portable dental equipment, portable delivery systems and veterinarian dental equipment.