The ASG Superconductors group of companies has recently undergone re-organization to incorporate all elements of our activity into a single structure. The aim is to bring together the capabilities within the three units to secure and improve our position as a world-class Italian company, already a worldwide leader in the production of magnets both for scientific research and for the industrial sector and to develop more effectively the magnesium diboride (MgB2) wire and MRI businesses. Competence, knowledge and the ability to work with cutting edge technologies and hi-tech materials remain at the core of our organization. Managers, technicians and all the people who work for ASG Superconductors renew every day their commitment to increase our technological capabilities and productivity, collaborating worldwide with the main scientific research institutes and with the sector's market leaders.




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The next generation in positional MR imaging

2020 29 Jun

Heather Mason, RT(MR) Applications Specialist The MROpen EVO system is the next generation in positional MR imaging. The MROpen EVO is the world’s only superconducting, cryogen-free MRI system, offering high quality imaging, a small carbon footprint and all of the functionality of a truly positional MRI system.   The MROpen EVO contains... Read more

IMAGING Management

ASG Superconductors USA: The Evolution Of Helium Free MROpen MRI System At RSNA 2019

2019 02 Dec

ASG Superconductors is pleased to announce the new company name of its US subsidiary: Paramed Medical Systems Inc. has become ASG Superconductors USA Inc.   The new brand is an additional step in strengthening the link between the US Market and the Italian Parent Company, a leading superconducting technology company with more than 60 years of experience... Read more

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