Company Profile Professional Obesity Health Care Europe's first specialized full-range bariatric supplier of articles of daily use, rehabilitation products and equipment for hospitals, rehabilitation centers, retirement and nursing homes, nursing service, counseling center, doctor's office and at home. Adequate care for obese people and the avoidance of unnecessary strain on the nursing staff are not an easy thing to achieve. Ascuro, with its brands adicare ® and SimplyBig ®, offers special knowledge and the right products for an appropriate bariatric care at affordable prices. In addition to the "medical products" that facilitate bariatric care in institutions and at home, the ASCURO, under the brand name of SimplyBiG, provides exclusively for obese people, innovative aids for leisure, household and health. Many products are so far unavailable in Europe, as for example the toilet seats "Big John", which is very stable, wide and comfortable and the "TÜV" approved extensions for practically all car seatbelts. In order to relieve the caregiver and patient and to provide state-of-the-art technology adicare ® and SimplyBig ® offer, for example, extra strong and extra-wide patient chairs as well as shower and commode chairs, grip aids and donning aids. You can provide mobility with the appropriate wheelchairs (mechanical and electrical) and walking aids such as walkers, crutches and walking frames, which can carry up to 450 kg and can accommodate up to 81 cm space in width depending on the model. People who have to depend on especially loadable aids in the correct size for their mobility, obtained by these tools much quality of life (back) and they also make the care much easier and cheaper. You take care of proper equipment, for example by very large toilet seats (<550 kg load), shower seats (<600kg), curved shower rods (more shower space) and very stable entrances for bathtubs that avoid a total reconstruction. Additionally for many applications, step increases are necessary (eg X-ray), which are available under the trademark adicare ®, with max. load up to 450 kg. An innovation is the heavy duty clinic bed adicare Klinik XXL 400 that is laterally adjustable. The width can be easily adjusted from 90 to 120cm. So the special "bariatric" bed of adicare can be moved, if necessary, through narrow doors and into elevators.