Asclepion Laser Technologies Mission Asclepion Laser Technologies promotes medical research in order to make the benefits of 'Made in Germany' laser technology accessible to an increasing number of people. Every day Asclepion Laser Technologies sets itself the goal of producing positive effects for the well-being of patients, the success of medical practices and its local partners. The company For more than 35 years, Asclepion Laser Technologies has been operating as a leader on the international medical laser scene.

Its ongoing successes, thanks to the constant development of new techniques, have made Asclepion Laser Technologies one of the most qualified companies in the entire optics industry worldwide. Today, more than 60 countries trust in the 'Made in Germany' technology of Asclepion Laser Technologies and its proven scientific expertise. Aesthetic - Surgery - Beauty With Erbium-, CO2-, KTP-, Q-Switched and high power diode lasers in the Aesthetic business unitand Thulium and Holmium lasers for surgery business unit Asclepion has a high experience inlaser technologies. For the beauty market we develop technologies like radiofrequency, waterpeel, ultrasound, infrared, acoustic waves and IPL.

Over the past years the use of lasers has revolutionized treatments. Using lasers not only make treatments faster and therefore more efficient but also carries less risk, which also reduces inpatient stay times. Service leadership:

First Mover today, leader tomorrow In order to become a leader on the world market, it is necessary to aim far beyond the simple offer a product. Asclepion Laser Technologies has achieved this goal by working on all fronts and by pinpointing an innovative offer system for ensuring the success of its distributors and physicians. The service leadership that Asclepion, true to its own mission, has built up over the years ensures the producing of positive effects for all the company's clientele, local partners, physicians and patients.

Jena Optical Valley Asclepion Laser Technologies has assumed a leading role in the scientific optics industry where it collaborates actively with researchers from the top German Universities. In fact, since 1846 the city of Jena has been the world home of the Zeiss optics industry, an avant-garde field in the development of new products and highly specialized instruments for medical, astronomic and technological research.