SCANDINAVIAN DESIGN AND ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGY ARCTIKO is probably the most innovative cold chain manufacturer in the World. We have an absolute passion for what we do. Our aim is to create products with technology foresight and to be competitive in quality and prices. THE ORIGINAL SINGLE COMPRESSOR TECHNOLOGY ARCTIKO was the first company to introduce the single compressor technology. By using our world patented single compressor system, you use 40-50% less energy. Reducing the energy consumption of our freezers, to keep a green environment is our responsibility. -150°C - Cryogenic freezer -90°C - Dual ultra low temperature freezers -86°C - Ultra low temperature freezers -60°C - Chest low temperature freezers -45°C - Chest low temperature freezers -40°C - Upright low temperature freezers -30°C/-10°C - Biomedical lab freezers -30°C/+10°C Combi Models +1°C/+10°C - Biomedical lab refrigerators +4°C - Refrigerators