The science of precision ultrasonography of the eye was developed under the leadership of Drs. Jack Coleman, Fred Lizzi, Ron Silverman and others at Cornell University beginning in the late 1970s.   In 1991 they were joined by Dan Z. Reinstein, who had just started a fellowship at Cornell. Dr. Reinstein was fascinated by the idea of mapping the corneal epithelium, which had not yet been achieved by any technology.

He and Dr. Silverman developed a way of mapping the epithelium of the cornea over a 3mm central zone providing the first in vivo map of the epithelium. The team later developed the first prototype arc scan device which had the ability to map the entire 10-mm diameter of the cornea as well as the anterior segment. The team, now joined by Hugo Sutton, MD formed a company called Ultralink LLC to develop the first commercial prototype devices. UltraLink attempted to market the product under the name Artemis 2 but did not succeed in commercialization.