APPLIED CARDIAC SYSTEMS, Inc. (ACS) is pleased to announce its attendance at the American Diabetes Association's (ADA) annual Expo held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases in which a person has high blood sugar, either because the body doesn't produce enough insulin or because the cells don't respond to the insulin produced. Approximately 8.6 million of Americans age 60 and older have diabetes.

With close to 10,000 attending, ACS was excited to talk about External Counterpulsation (ECP) Therapy. The ACS booth was filled with enthusiastic visitors learning how ECP can treat heart disease and the complications that are often related, like diabetes, at the systemic level. Various hormones and growth factors are secreted during ECP therapy. Research suggests that this may help to regenerate, restore and repair damaged tissues and organs.

ECP enhances the delivery of oxygen rich blood flow to tissues and organs. This has potential to dramatically help the diabetic population. "ECP is such a wonderful therapy and I was excited to hear that many people in attendance had not only received, but benefitted from the therapy. Diabetes is a disease that affects so many people that it is imperative that we do everything we can to combat it," stated Joseph Yanes, a regional manager with ACS for over twenty years.


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