Company Profile APHEX BIOCLEAN Our office of research and development in the world of HYGIENE allows us to innovate and supply disinfectants completely new products without alcohol. Meeting the expectations of international markets is the aim of our american laboratories Noting a significant increase in domestic accidents due to the presence of alcohol-based products around our children and following the recent study showing the dangers of hydro-alcoholic solutions, DERMAPHEX® has created the first antimicrobial alcohol free foam.

Indeed, unlike hydro-alcoholic solutions, the unique composition of its alcohol free foam [ionized water, carbamide, benzalkonium chloride (0,12%)], DERMAPHEX® allows frequent use and eliminates the most common microorganisms present on the skin and cause of numerous infections, avoiding any inconvenience generally recognized, including drying and skin irritation. Moreover, this foam is dermatologist tested and for all kind of skin even more sensitive.

This product, for external use only, may be used for child as well as for adult. The innovation of DERMAPHEX® be found at several levels. The first is its simple composition devoid of controversial substance like alcohol, paraben, phenoxyethanol or triclosan. The second is the fact that it is a foam having a better covering power. And the third is that it is a product suitable for all skin types including babies’ skin.