apDia is a biotech company (founded in 2008) active in the field of human in vitro diagnostics. We develop, manufacture and sell IVD medical devices (immunoassays) with applications in microbiology, serology, parasitology, immunology and other clinical areas. It is apDia’s primary objective to offer advanced, innovative, user-friendly and cost-effective immunoassays well suited for the intended health care settings.

To meet the current trends in human health care and in ‘in vitro diagnostics’, apDia aims to develop and manufacture both high-throughput IVDs destined for use in centralized hospital settings, as well as individual immunoassays intended for evidence based personalized medicine (point-of-care testing, POCT). Design and development of new diagnostic devices is done in close collaboration with local or international companies and research centers or universities. Collaborations are being established to explore innovative and promising new technologies and products. apDia has implemented the Quality System ENISO 13485:2012 and manufactures CE marked IVDs.


WHAT APDIA CAN OFFER Products CE marked ELISA kits: infectious diseases, serology, parasitology, rheumatology/inflammation, … CE marked MAIPA kits for platelet immunology ELISA instruments: reader, washer, shaker, Dynex Technologies automates Technical service of ELISA instruments (for example Thunderbolt, DynexDSX and DS2) Contract manufacturing and development Manufacturing of IVD products based on your specific reagents and specifications, in accordance with the EN ISO 13485:2012 quality system and the IVDD 98/79/EC Production (cell culture and purification) of monoclonal antibodies and natural antigens Development, production and purification of recombinant antigens Customized immunoassay development Distribution of your IVD products through our channels and network APPLICATIONS AND PARTNERSHIPS apDia is interested in collaborations with other companies and institutes to develop, produce and commercialize advanced IVDs and biotech products based on innovative technologies, with a special interest in following areas or fields: infectious diseases, parasitology, mood disorders and neurological diseases.