ANKON Technologies Co., Ltd. was founded in Silicon Valley USA with major operations in China. ANKON has applied or been granted more than 40 patents and won the 2013 Ernest & Young Most Promising Early Enterprise in China.

ANKON has successfully developed and commercialized the world’s first magnetically controlled capsule endoscope system. Its precise control and positioning functions enable complete examination of the stomach and provide an early screening tool for gastric and digestive diseases. NaviCam magnetically controlled capsule endoscope system opens a new era of gastric diagnosis.

The product provides consumer a painless, non-invasive, and cross infection free experience and the complete gastric examination can be done in as quickly as 15 minutes. It is becoming an important tool to compliment standard video endoscopy for early gastric disease screening. NaviCam magnetically controlled capsule endoscope system has gain approval from China FDA and CE mark. The products have been widely used by major hospitals and medical centers across China.