ANKAZEA The Medical Cluster “ANKAZEA” under the umbrella of Ankara Chamber of Commerce; represents 14 manufacturer companies from Ankara, producing a wide variety of products and devices for the medical sector:

* Plastic originated medical products such as mouthpieces for breath testing devices, mother-infant identification tags, urine collecting bags, * Robotic Rehabilitation Systems * Orthopedic and biomimetic biomaterials, * Hematology Solutions and Clinical Chemistry Reagents, * Hydrophilicurinary catheters, home therapy products, anesthesia devices, monitors, ventilators, phototherapy devices, * Medical products for open heart surgery, treatment of hemodialysis cardioplegia sets, chemotherapy sets, pressure monitoring sets, infusion pump sets, * Surgical Instrument Sterilization Equipments, CSF External Ventricular / Lumbar Drainage Systems and ICP Monitorization,CSF External Ventricular /Lumbar Drainage Catheters,Raney Scalp Clips,Cranial and Spinal Plate & Screw SystemAngio Femoral Close Pad,Vacuumed Surgical Positioning Cushion and Mattress,Cranial Fixation Systems,Aneursym Clips, * Clean room, Asepticizers, clean room products, biosafety cabinets, air cleaners, air conditioning systems,Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma, Ozone Plasma, Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Machines, Wound Care Therapy Devices, * PC-USB-based ECG systems, treadmill ECG systems, products for more accurate disease diagnosis and treatment with MR, * Prosthesis-orthesis products, * Disposable Biopsy Needles and Catheters for Urology and * Interventional Radiology can be example for ANKAZEA’s products.