About us AnHui Kangning Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd.,Privately owned,was founded in October in 2000 with the permission of the Industrial and Commercial Burean of AnHui Property .At present,the company have 50 million yuan general property and 585 members, mainly engaged in not only researching , producing,developing and selling medical devices and synthetic resin, but also dining and drinking, tourism, car maintenance and restaurant . Some Torch Plan projects of our country have been researched and developed by the company ,

which has overcome many technological difficulties with the force of scientific and researching institutes , with which good cooperation relation has been built ,developing in the direction to combination of products ,science and research . After many years, the company is more mature in technology, equipment,human resources and economic power . It’s major products including surgical atraumatic suture with needle ,disposable syringe ,surgical blades ,blood lancet,3 way stopcock,fistula needle, and so on .With the high quality products and good service,our products are sold to most parts of our countoy and far to Europe ,South of America, Africa and so on, With the scope being more extensive , the prospect of the product market is wider and wider ,The rights of import and export are obtained and all kinds of senior resarch fellows are recruited by the company ,which has hereby obtained the certifications of ISO13485 and "CE" ,audited by "TUV" Germany, with the honesty as object , high quality as standard ,high-speed as norm,the need of market as direction and the long-acting management policy.

In 2006,in order to carry out the national 11 th five -year plan and the spirit of developing circulating economy and building resources-saved society ,there are difficult problems to dispose of the serious intermediates ,by -products and waste materials among many large and middle enterprises have been spent to deal with these industrial wasters , which are serious burden to these enterprises , Each year a lot of human and financial resources have been spent to deal with these industrial wasters which are serious burden to these enterprises . According to this situation ,the company to research how to recycle the industrial wsaters to be used to reproduce chemical materials ,such as acethl-nylon-6 .

The products were tested by the Analysis and Test Center of science and Engineening University of Ease China ,and every index reached the national set standarcl .They are just the same to raw materials .The project of reproducing acetyl-nylon -6 ,which is developed by our company , completely recycled and utilized abandoned nylon ,About 9,000tons of chemical wasters and 10 million yuan were reduced for the company each year.

This project ,in the leading position of our country , encourages the local enterprises to research the recyclable resources warmly and plays a part in the local environmental protection , as well as the local economy , owing to the broad prospect pf domestic and abroad markets . 


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