ANATOMIC HELP was established in Thessaloniki in 1996. In its own private premises of 7000m² at Nea Santa, Kilkis, ANATOMIC HELP produces orthopedic and athletiatric products of high quality. Its continuous growth has transformed it into the top producer of orthopaedics in Greece and one of the most important internationally.

The Anatomic Help products exceed 250 article numbers and they are manufactured according to the international standards, of carefully selected raw material and designed by the appropriate group of physicians. During the last years, ANATOMIC HELP has absorbed five developping programs proving that the continuous investments in know-how, equipment, and personnel constitute a significant tool of growth and development for the corporation.

The company is certified with ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and the products it manufactures bear the CE mark from international organizations. The Greek Ministry of Development has recently put at its website a link to ANATOMIC HELP's website thanks to the latter's innovation and growth. The Kilkis Chamber of Commerce has rewarded during the past ANATOMIC HELP for its contribution to the production of innovative products in international and national level. Holding high market shares in all the pharmacies and orthopedic stores of Greece and having established agreement with hospitals, private clinics and medical equipment stores throughout Greece as well as by exporting to several foreign countries, the future of the greatest manufacturer of orthopaedics is built day by day!