Magnetic Field Therapy and Bioresonanz The AMS GmbH –Advanced Medical Systems– is an enterprise in the field of innovative medicine engineering with seat in Germany. The company is occupied predominantly in the research and development, manufacture and worldwide sales of bioelectronic therapy systems.

AMS stands for research and development, the production and the marketing in particular of magnetic field therapy devices. The broad spread product range covers small- and hand-held devices for the private application / home processing as well as large- and practice devices for therapists in the fields human- and veterinary medicine. Innovation determines the business policy of the AMS.

The necessary research- and development works are achieved at the institute for biophysics, which the AMS GmbH has taken over in 1998 from Dr. rer. nat. W. Ludwig, a worldwide recognized biophysicist. On account of the research findings of Dr. Ludwig the AMS does not only have a technological margin compared to the competitors at the market; the AMS rather has also the rights at a worldwide unique technological know-how. Behind this technological know-how may conceal more than 30 years of intensive and extensive research- and development work of Dr. Ludwig.