Amplestuff is a unique company which was established in 1988, long before websites were invented, to serve the special needs of the millions of men and women who are plus or supersize. Some of our products are plus-sized versions of items that are readily available to average size people—such as our fanny packs, socks, or hospital gowns. Other products—such as airline seatbelt extenders and size-positive books and videos—are designed especially to solve the unique problems of larger people.

We believe that no matter what your size, you deserve the best possible life right now. In fact, our company motto is "Make your world fit you!"The owner of Amplestuff is William J. Fabrey, an innovator in developing products and programs to improve the lives and self-esteem of large people. Bill is an engineer, and uses his talents to find and/or design the best products for a given problem.