Amity International..... Complete Healthcare Solutions. Virusolve+...Infection Controlled. - Virusolve+ the worlds most effective cleaner & disinfectant gives one step infection control for any health related environment. Independently proven to DESTROY bacteria, mycobacteria, viruses, fungi & spores in both clean & dirty conditions. The only product to penetrate membranes, rendering cells incapable of replication or acquiring resistance. Available as Concentrate, Ready-to-Use & Wipes Whether you reprocess your instruments manually, in a washer-disinfector, or use a combination of both, we have the best solution. - Viruzyme – A range of enzyme based cleaners for the reprocessing of medical devices including flexible endoscopes. - Virudet – A range of neutral, mildly alkaline and alkaline cleaners for the reprocessing of medical devices including flexible endoscopes. - Virusolve+ EDS - The most advanced High Level Disinfectant for instruments and medical devices ever developed. Just a 2.5% concentration of Virusolve+ EDS is highly effective against MRSA, tuberculosis, hepatitis B & C, HIV, Polio, Adeno and even Clostridium difficile spores. Non-hazardous, non-corrosive, non-sensitising, non-fuming and nontoxic. Used to disinfect medical, surgical, endoscopic and dental instruments. It also contains corrosion-inhibiting compounds to extend the life of valuable instruments without damaging the finish. In fact, no other disinfectant is as tough on microbials, or as gentle on equipment. - Amity PAA Family - Peracetic Acid for use in Manual and fully automated systems. We offer the most economical products in the World and guarantee to save you money. - Pre-Cleaners (Foam & Gel) Ideal for use when instruments and waiting to be processed. Prevents bio-film, and fixation. - Medical Device Lubricants. - Body Fluid Spill Kits. - Virugel Absorbent Media for Body Fluids including Urine. - Virusan / Virusan Gel - A theatre grade ethanol / Chlorhexidine Gluconate / Triclosan hand sanitizer. - Virusan AS - A theatre grade anti-microbial scrub containing Chlorhexidine Gluconate. - Dosing Systems - Storage Bins . We are looking for distributors throughout the world. Come and see the Amity International Healthcare family and ask yourself why you are not using it!