Ameco Technology established in 2005, we are placed in 10th of Ramadan city; we specialize in producing medical device plastic disposables and components.

Ameco Technology is certified ISO 13485 for Medical Device.

Ameco Technology Production lines

Oxygen Therapy: 

Ameco Technology specializes in manufacturing high quality oxygen therapy products (Oxygen Mask, Nebulizer Oxygen Mask, and Nasal Cannula) according to the European standard and ISO 13485 standard for Medical Device.

Plastic injection:

we specialize in injection of very accurate plastic components which are used in medical applications.

Extrusion line:

we specialize in extruding micro tubes starting from 0.5mm O.D. to 20 mm O.D. with all types of plastic resins including (PVC).

Custom Design:  

We have our expert Design and Development engineers to fulfill all the special customer requirements according to the European standards.

OEM Manufacturing:  

Ameco Technology has a special department for OEM manufacturing of medical device  (Injection , Extrusion , Assembly and Packaging).