Company Profile About Us Catheters from Doctors to Doctors The CEO of AMECO MEDICAL and most of the partners are physicians who practice medicine for a quite long time where they had experienced the use of catheters in the medical field. In 1995, the group decided to go for manufacturing catheters. Dialysis catheters were the first to think about. Being physicians, the catheters designed in so sensible design to meet what physicians really need. Urology, central venous, sheath introducers and angiographic catheters are now among product range. New components are added to the range:scaled dispenser, guiding Y connector, haemostatic arterial needle connector.... The company is CE, ISO 13486, fda approved, Canadian, Brazilian, Russian,...... registered. Thepatented innovated cathetersand the continual developmentsmakecatheters produced by Amecobeing from doctors to doctors.