AMB Ecosteryl - Medical Waste Treatment AMB s.a. is a manufacturer and specialist of the medical waste treatment industry. We work closely with our customers to provide market-leading alternative medical waste treatment equipment – delivering quality; reliability; compliance and cost-efficiencies.

ENVIRONMENT our range of environmental initiatives, including our projects for repurposing and recycling treated medical waste, minimises waste going to landfill and our carbon footprint.

VALUE we provide competitive prices with customer-specific requirements, with further cost reduction and financing mechanisms in place where possible.

COMPLIANCE we offer products fully compliant with state and federal regulations.

SUPPORT our sales, professional drafting and engineering team works closely with all departments throughout the business – providing comprehensive levels of customer service, commercial, technical and administrative support.

CAPABILITY we are in business since 1947. Over the past 10 years, we have developed equipment for the medical waste management industry.

INNOVATION we provide a variety of innovative feature and services, including efficacy and maintenance monitoring equipment for our devices, tele-maintenance service, state-of-the-art control panel and much more.