AMAProducts is a family-owned company, a national distributor of healthcare products ranging from a band aid to high-tech diagnostic tools and furniture for any type of medical facility. Ever since our launch, a lot has changed: we have grown our product portfolio to over 12,000 products to cater for the demand of our customers. We have also gained new partners and together we have improved our business strategy.

Still, our core value has remained unchanged: customer value is at the cornerstone of our beliefs and we still treat each partner just like we did in the beginning – with the utmost dedication and consideration. Despite our growth, we still manage to have excellent response times (orders placed before 2pm are still dispatched in the same day) and have proven that quality service is backed by quality products.

The continuing strong growth and development of AMAProducts is reflected in the introduction of our first ever Product catalogue. It is with great excitement that we introduce this catalogue full of quality products designed to enable your practice. From creative concepts to a huge product range AMAProducts delivers an unparalleled dedication to customer satisfaction.