AMA-Med OY AMA-MED OY is the Finnish company, which is the representative of the Association of Medicine and Analytics (AMA) Co. Ltd, a Russian manufacturer of medical diagnostic equipment, on the territory of the European Union. АМА was established in 1997 in Saint Petersburg, Russia and specializes in the development, manufacture and sale of the innovative medical equipment. The main focus is on the production of test systems intended for the Helicobacter Pylori infection detecting, which is the cause of common worldwide diseases such as gastritis, ulcer, and gastric cancer. The Company's specialists have developed new products: AMA® Rapid Urease Test (AMA® RUT) and HELIC Ammonia Breath Test (HELIC ABT). The test systems produced by АМА are widely used by gastroenterologists, pediatricians, internists, and family physicians in their medical practice. Downloads: Profile AMA-Med OY Profile_AMA_MED_Oy_.pdf