Started as a family business more than 60 years ago, Altay has grown into a 21st century, international company with operations on 5 continents employing more than 500 people. But, family traditions and values are still the basis of our work. We are ready to meet today’s market demands with the passion and dedication of the past, together with the technology and tools of tomorrow.

The Vision
Altay Scientific is a leading company in the global market for science education sold through a worldwide network of authorized dealer partners. Altay produces a full line of innovative and user friendly products based upon the highest technology research and development married to high quality, low cost production techniques and processes. The Altay brand stands for innovation, value and customer orientation. The global Altay organization remains committed to investing the necessary human and financial capital in the Altay Vision.

The Mission
The search for knowledge is a need that comes from human nature. To satisfy this need is to overcome the social, economic and intellectual differences that can only divide us. Our mission is to develop and market innovative, user friendly and affordable products, “Instruments of Knowledge,” to allow and facilitate this search for knowledge. Altay will continue to support technology development, continually improving goods and services maximizing a humanistic vision of society and progress. In pursuing our corporate goals, we will adhere to the most rigorous professional ethics regarding every aspect of our business. We will be part of and “give back” to all of the communities where we do business.