All Medicus Co. Ltd, a promising venture company founded in 1997, doing business in the fields of Point-Of-Care Testing (POCT) biosensor, medical instruments, and medical informatics. All Medicus pursues to develop inter- and multi-disciplinary fusion technology which combines the various academic philosophies. The mission of the Company is to enhance human healthcare by developing high-quality medical products.

For several years, All Medicus has been concentrated on blood diagnostics. The Company's portable blood glucose monitoring system - , which is certified by "Excellent Korea Technology - KT mark" from Ministry of Science and Technology" and awards "KFDA Minister Awards" in Technology Competition of Medical Instrument, provides an easy, high-accurate, and reliable testing for diabetes. Through the use of semiconductor processing, micro-electronics and electrochemistry, the Company's technology enables the extension of glucose biosensor to multi-functioned biosensor monitoring Cholesterol, HbA1c, Lactate, AST/ALT, LDL/HDL, etc.

The company believes its semiconductor based platform technology provides a low cost, highly efficient, accurate and versatile integrated system that will shift the paradigm from current strip-type SMBG system to Lab-On-a Chip micro & nano-scale biosenors, thereby significantly improving the quality of healthcare. We are sure that that Allmedicus is your collaborating and promising partner.