Alliance and the M.I.M. procedure Greater power, greater rapidity, greater flexibilityòin one word greater! Injection moulding with metallic powders (M.I.M.) Alliance SA was established in 1995 by several Swiss and French companies active in the field of microtechnologyin the aim of optimising the production of metallic technical parts. Alliance thus specialised in the fabrication of metallic parts bringing added value to sectors as diverse as the watch-making industry, the civil and military arms industry, connector technology, telephone technology, biological engineering, production tools etc.

The technology which involves injection moulding using metal powders is a shaping procedure which combines the flexibility of traditional plastic injection with the quality and strength of powder metallurgy. This avant-garde combination of classical techniques paved the way for new ideas in relation to fabrication of metal parts on a large and medium-scale basis. It gave rise to improved design, increased functionality, fewer inserts and extra operations, lower costs and improved metallurgic quality. For the first time ever, a metal part may be designed and produced like a plastic part benefiting from all the advantages of this powerful technique with its complexity. Always in the aim of improving services for its clients, Alliance both designs and manufactures all the tools needed for the fabrication of the various parts resulting in greater efficiency in terms of time limits and utmost confidentiality. Upon request, Alliance may deliver finished parts and combination units which have been fully assembled.