About us We have from more than 130 countries' medical partners and committed to building great medical device company. These are the shared values, principles and behaviors that we providing high quality and reliable medical products and health products for worldwide. Look forward to working with you to become the best healthcare partners. Integrity and Respect · Demonstrate a commitment to integrity and ethics. ·

Show respect for and value all individuals for their diverse backgrounds, experience, styles, approaches and ideas. · Speak positively and supportively about team members when apart. · Listen to others for understanding. · Assume positive intent. Accountable · Accept personal accountability for our own actions and results. · Focus on finding solutions and achieving results, rather than making excuses or placing blame. · Actively engage in discussions and support decisions once they are made. · Involve others in decisions and plans that affect them. · Keep promises and commitments made to others. · Personally commit to the success and well being of team-mates.

Passionate · Promote a positive, energising, optimistic and fun environment. · Show pride in our brands and heritage · Serve our customers and delight our consumers through the quality of our products and services. · Promote and implement creative and innovative ideas and solutions. · Aggressively promote and protect our reputation. Humility and Hunger To Learn · Display openness and curiosity to learn from anyone, anywhere. · Solicit and provide honest feedback without regard to position. · Personally commit to continuous improvement and are willing to change. · Admit our mistakes and learn from them. ·