At first, there's always a story to tell. We have among our close circle of chronic low back pain among our elders chronic osteoarthritis and tendon and among the youngest of recurrent sprains. On the road from Limoges to Toulouse end of August 2013, the germ idea of ​​a smart fabric to ease that marks the starting point of the adventure. We have worked since.

With support from the Midi-Pyrenees Regional Council, through the expertise and patience of French subcontractors and some personal experiences of 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry and 30 years as an engineer, we have developed expertise single do.

We know fixed on the fabric 5 to 6 times more microcapsules which exists until today to an efficiency of 720 hours.

Our Start Up was formed in late August 2014 and we sell the products since the end of September with a hit with users. The adventure continues with the development of new products and a new line with an industrial partner.

We guarantee the quality of our products at your disposal to satisfy you better.