Our History Alesi Surgical (previously Asalus Medical Instruments Limited) was established in 2009 to commercialise the inventions arising from the Welsh Institute for Minimal Access Therapy (WIMAT). Based in Cardiff, WIMAT is the leading UK centre for training of laparoscopic and other surgical disciplines. Our Vision and Strategy Our vision is to become a world leader in the development of new devices for advanced minimal access surgery We work with leading surgeons to identify and resolve issues commonly experienced when performing complex surgical procedures.

Solving these issues will make these techniques easier and faster for the surgical team, safer for the patient, and more cost-effective for the healthcare provider. Routine access to highly experienced key opinion leaders and new trainees places WIMAT in a privileged position to receive feedback on the demands of modern surgical techniques from highly experienced practitioners and those new to the field.

Alesi Surgical works with WIMAT and its network to identify issues with these procedures and potential solutions to them. Alesi Surgical then rapidly prototypes medical devices and through usability testing assesses whether or not the devices are capable of addressing these issues. Projects that successfully pass this decision point then enter full development. The company has strong relationships with a broad network of product development partners that allow it to take forward a wide range of mechanical and electrical product concepts. Alesi Surgical is focusing initially on the commercialisation of Ultravision but is constantly seeking and evaluating new product development opportunities. We welcome the opportunity to discuss such opportunities with commercial, academic and medical institutions.


Cardiff Medicentre Health Park,
CF14 4UJ
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