Airon Corporation is dedicated to the development, manufacture and distribution of pneumatic respiration products for emergency and critical care. Airon’s core products are ventilators and CPAP systems for use in Hospitals, MRI, air transport and Emergency Medical Systems. These ventilators and CPAP devices are ideal for disaster preparedness and patient transport of critically ill patients.

All products rely on pure pneumatic technology which eliminates the need for batteries and makes them completely MRI compatible. The internal CPAP system built into every product operates similar to an ICU ventilator to meet the inspiratory flow demands of any patient.

The adult ventilators provide a choice of 100% or 65% oxygen delivery lets you significantly extend transport times. The new infant ventilator and adult hospital CPAP System provides the full range of oxygen from 21 to 100%. Our pNeuton Ventilators have been in clinical use since 1986. See the rugged versatility that makes pNeuton your most comprehensive choice in transport ventilation. Visit