AirMed PLUS GmbH as an exhibitor at MEDICA is a manufacturer of the intelligent Anti-Bedsore-System "ADSi", the result of a research and development-project under the direction of the Startup-company AirMed PLUS GmbH founded in 2009 (Bochum). The "ADSi" is the worlds first system, which gives an excellent pressure relief to the patient, combined with measuring the mobility and a lack of mobility as well as it records the data and prepares them for a read out by a USP port. Therefore the efficiency of treatment on bedsore wounds shell increase in a huge way.

AirMed PLUS GmbH has presented this product in Japan on the "Medical Creation" in Koriyama on the prefection Fukushima. First contacts to Japan companies were build in 2013.
This possibility was enabled by the so-called "Regional Industry Tie-up program" (RIT).