About Us Who We Are Founded in 1989, AKTC has sold millions of air pumps for air mattress and DVT applications in the last25 years. With abundant innovation patents on the air mattress design and manufacture, plus the sense of urgency to provide a better patient environment for pressure ulcer prevention, we built a new factory and acquired new facilities with more than triple capacity air mattress manufacture in the year of 2010.

Loyalty, integrity and never compete with the customers are the core business value that we truly believed and strictly followed Our Vision As the population aging and patients with chronic disease increasing, the number of patient withpressure ulcers is growing steadily. It results in a huge financial burden to not only the patient'sfamily and care givers, but also on the medical system of their country.

The preventionand treatment for pressure ulcers and Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) has thereforeincreased significantly the mportance to the role and value on preventivemedicine. AKTC continuously engages in pressure ulcer prevention andDVT related equipment manufacture.We truly believe its importance for human society and devote to provide the highest quality products for creating a healthier life care environment.