AIRCOM Cryogenic AIR COM - Cryogenic division of Baglioni Group - conceive and manufacture cryogenic equipments such as: Storage containers for biological samples conservation, dewars and pressurized vessels for liquid nitrogen, oxygen storage, cryostats, high vacuum and super insulated transfer lines, heat exchangers. Thanks to our high-vacuum turbomolecular pumps, helium leak testing with mass spectrometer as well as marking in compliance with the current applicable worldwide regulations, and the constant research for high-performance innovative materials, Air Com products are cutting-edge, reliable, safe and effective even in special conditions of use. The flexibility offered by the Cryogenic Division of Baglioni Group ensures the perfect implementation of one of the key concepts of company mission, that is, to be a reliable partner and supply our customers with cutting-edge customized solutions. Our expertise and constant research activities are the key factors to develop customized projects, suitable to meet the various requirements according to the product’s scope of usage.