History Ai Mediq S.A. specializes in the development of non-invasive medical devices for the treatment and rehabilitation of cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, metabolic and neurological disorders based on innovative Self Regulated Treatment (SRT) technology and using Interval Hypoxic Treatment (IHT). ReOxy is a new breathing therapy medical device, that provides a patient with a treatment using dosed levels of reduced level oxygen (hypoxic gas mixtures). SRT technology relies on the principle of individual biological feedback, where patient bodily reaction defines key impact parameters (individual hypoxic load) and controls them throughout the whole treatment period. Built-in intelligent software automatically identifies and suggests key treatment parameters for an individual treatment programme, based on the results of the hypoxic test. ReOxy provides: Hypoxic test Interval Hypoxic Treatment (IHT) in mode «Hypoxia-Hyperoxia» Hypoxic Preconditioning