AI JIE COTTON SWAB LTD, A Division of TL Care, Inc , established in January 2005, is a professional manufacturer of high quality cotton swabs, cosmetic cotton round and square, and medical cotton balls. The factory is located in Jing Zhou City, Hubei, China, occupies 2000 sq. meters and employs more than 200 personnel.

The plant utilizes the latest in high technology swab production equipment and enterprise management systems with a strict emphasis on quality. The factory has produced product for AF&F, TARGET, KROGER and Care One Ltd. after satisfying strict international enterprise quality standards.

AI JIE products include paper stick, plastic stick and wooden stick cotton swabs in single, double configurations along with baby swabs, cotton pads and cotton balls. Packing options include shrink bag, plastic box, paper box and PVC bags. AI JIE currently services markets in the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan and the Middle East and is actively pursuing additional worldwide markets.