Aetrex Worldwide Inc. is committed to working with service-oriented footcare retailers to increase your revenues and profits. Our product line of footwear, socks and insoles are complementary and together create the perfect footcare package. Make use of our iStep, digital foot scanning technology that measures and analyzes your clients' foot and in seconds recommends the proper footwear and insoles.

Aetrex products allow you to provide immediate, customized solutions for your customers that provide the maximum comfort without requiring them to come for additional visits. Our wide range of footwear includes orthopedic, comfort and athletic styles and is as beautiful to the eye as it is soothing to your feet.

We make extensive use of the internet to promote our customers, and will list you on, considered to be the most comprehensive website on footcare issues. Our staff of certified pedorthists, provide training onsite in your store as well as through webex seminars.


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