There are two series of aircraft medical interiors available; the Medstar and the Econo. Both series offer oxygen, electric inverter (115 or 230 vac service), 12 24 or 28 volts dc service, suction and compressed air pumps as accessories mounted in the base with appropriate outlets on the face of the base.

The Medstar base is honeycomb aluminum. The Econo base is a steel frame, lighter than standard tubular aluminum frames.We have FAA STCs and EASA certification for 2600+ aircraft models for medical interiors, divans (couches) convertible to aeromedical service, cabinets, seats with storage and wall mounted medical consoles. New STCs and EASA certifications are secured as the market demands.Our standard aircraft medical interiors are extremely easy to install and remove from an aircraft.

Typical installation or removal time, by two people, is fifteen to thirty minutes. Pilots, aircraft technicians or medical staff may safely install or remove the medical interior. The base unit fits seat tracks or seat posts with four simple, secure fasteners.Aero Medical Products medical interiors ARE NOT restricted to a specific station location in an aircraft cabin. The base unit may be placed anywhere in the cabin that does not obstruct an entry / exit way.