AdvanDx / OpGen AdvanDx, an OpGen company, is a market leader in molecular diagnostics testing of positive blood cultures, enabling clinical microbiology labs to report pathogen identification results 48 to 72 hours earlier than with conventional testing methods.

The unique QuickFISH® technology for Staphylococcus, Enterococcus, Gram-Negative Rods and Candida species is the only technology quick enough to allow pathogen reporting with Gram-stain results. When used by physicians and pharmacists to ensure early, appropriate antibiotic therapy for patients with bloodstream infections (a.k.a. septicemia), AdvanDx’s PNA FISH® and QuickFISH® tests have been shown in clinical studies to reduce patient mortality, shorten length of stay (LOS) and lower hospital costs.

Our mission is to help healthcare providers optimize antibiotic therapy earlier in order to improve patient outcomes while limiting unnecessary antibiotic use and reducing hospital costs.