The ‘Baby Pod’ became AHT’s flagship product, and over the past 12 years since its introduction the Baby Pod has revolutionised infant patient transport, both by road and air, and is used daily in countries across the planet from the USA to Indonesia.

Subsequent years have seen AHT expand on the original design of the Baby Pod, and apply the same principles of using the latest technology and materials with a focus on patient comfort and safety, to create a range of Pods to suit different safety requirements in the movement of infants.

Introduced in 2012, the Scan Pod is an ‘imaging environment’, designed to incorporate MR/CT focusing coils within it’s housing to achieve the clearest possible imaging of neonates, while retaining control of patient ventilation and visibility. The composite construction of the outer shell allows for the Scan Pod to be used to house infants during MR/CT and X-Ray, and contribute no interference or artefacts to imaging output.


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